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Ceroc Melbourne Bridal Packages

ceroc melbourne is famous!

guess who cat taught to dance their wedding dance???

the very funny & famous dave hughes with his partner holly!!!

hereís a summary of how it went: in november 2006, dave & holly attended their first ceroc bridal class went through a full 5 class package before their wedding on new years eve 2006.  they absolutely loved the classes!

cat was interviewed on nova to describe daveís ceroc dancing ability, how it all went, itís always a bonus when you can get comedians to laugh!! dave started with 2 left feet and cement block attached to both legs, we chiseled away at the cement and have to say they did really well in the end, learning some cool moves!! cat was also asked also to give her opinion on the dancing with the stars controversy so in the 10 min + interview ceroc got to be described on radio, we had a laugh at describing daveís dance ability and catís professional opinion was sourced about the finalists on dancing with the stars. it was very exciting with great exposure for ceroc!!!

no doubt we will introduce a hughsy variation in the ceroc moves list this year!!

for more information on our bridal packages, through to our bridal page.

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